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What is the traditional Chinese medicine?

Five thousand years ago, Chinese people studied the astronomy, calendar, meteorology, phenology, maths, biology, geography, philosophy and so on in that times, and systematacially and theoretically research them, then studied human body used the theory.In the end,to elucidate the physiology and pathology and the human body prevention and treatment knowledge, and explain relations of person and nature and social , and studied the internal viscera of human body and the main and collateral channels,and studied qi(It is thoughta substance in the body in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, and work with blood ) and blood, then found their relationship each other.In the end, the peope treated disease with the theory. Thise is the traditional Chinese medicine.And this theory was continually innovated by chinese dorctors fromthat time.

Chinese traditional medicine?

Chinese traditional medicine are mainly plant medicine,Chinese people observed and studied these plants through the long times. And found how to plant and manufacture them into medicine, and how to treat disease with them.Then formed the system theory, and used themin clinical.The characteristics ofthe most of traditional Chinese medicine is non-toxic,and Curative effect stable and widely.

Traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis method:

There are four diagnosis methods in the traditional Chinese medicine. They are inspection and inquiry and feel the pulse,and listening and smelling(they are one wold in chinese ).

1,inspection diagnosis is to observe the  body and face and tongue and motion of patient, then dorctor find disease in patient bady according to their change.

2, Listening and smelling: Dorctor listen to cough and breathing sound of patient,and smell the smell of pathological substances of patient;

3, Inquiry is to ask the patient and family about patient’s symptoms and history of disease.

4, Pulse feeling and palpation. A part is the modern medical palpation, and other part is feel the pulse,it is that dorctor press  the wrist  pulses with finger of dorctor, so as to observe what pulse condition change, to find disease.In a world,Biological holographic theory is the basis of them.

Treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine:

There are four main treatment methods in traditional Chinese medicine.They are acupuncture and moxibustion and massage and QiGong etc.

QiGong is a mental exercise methods through breathing adjustment and physical activity adjustment and and consciousness adjustment.It comes from Chinese philosophy and religion.To practicing it can make person to get strong body, and prevention and cure disease, and prolong life.


What is the acupuncture:

Acupuncture is a part of the traditional Chinese medicine, it is a unique kind  means of curing diseases in China for more than 5000 years. It is  the integrity of the medical system.

pure natural external treatment,but itn’t not complement ofxenobiotics and energy ,.It only  promote the  self rehabilitationis of body through the mechanical action,therefore, it has no modern medicine side effects of xenobiotics (drug).

It has wide indications. It  treat and prevent  many kinds of disease in internal medicine and surgery and gynecology and pediatrics and  surgery and so on. such as the cerebral apoplexy sequela, facial paralysis, children dyspepsia, dysmenorrhea, and has special effect.


Ancupuncture has quickly and lasting effect to treating disease ,it is especially in improving the body disease-resistant ability and analgesic effect,such as  all sorts of arthrosis, spinal disease, rheumatic pain .


Acupuncture is very accurate personalized treatment: After clear diagnosis, then make different treatments in every time, according to the disease condition in different times and different situation, and combined with the patient’s age and gender and physical and psychological and the natural and social environmental factors, in order to improve scientific and accuracythe of  treatment.


Acupuncture and moxibustion has its own unique curative effect for some modern medical problem,  such as nephritis, diabetes, rheumatoid disease, cancer, overweight and obesity, cerebrovascular accident sequela etc, it has  special effec and a lot of experience for thousands of years.


Acupuncture to  treating cancer:

Dorctors achieved good effect to  treating cancer used acupuncture。


First of all, can early : If dorctor can early find cancer in body,it is the key of success to treating cancer.Becouse most of the patients with cancer was diagnoses in the middle-late of cancer, treatment effect is poor. But the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine can make early detection of cancer through their own special diagnostic methods, then make early treatment.

Secondly, it can kill cancer cells and shrink the tumor; Improve immunity, prevent cancer growth;


In addition, acupuncture and moxibustion can improve  toxicity of chemotherapy and radiation therapy , and improve  the treatment of tolerance for the patients。

Besides,it can be very good to ease the pain, but it has no side effects and addiction of analgesic drug.

In short, acupuncture and moxibustion is very good to relieve pain and treat symptoms and prolonging life for  cancer patients.

Dr. Shigui Li

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